Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inspiring Sewing Spaces

I really, really want to reorganize my sewing room/office. And I know my mom (Country Mouse) feels the same way.  We both dream of a new desk, shelving (LOTS of shelving please!), and a large workspace. Oh and some pretty lighting fixtures as well. Are you with us?

These two ladies recently purchased ironing board covers from our shop and we've fallen in love with their sewing spaces and honored that they chose to add one of our covers to their lovely decor...let's take a look...

This is Bonnie's sewing room...just look at that long work table AND a cutting table! and cabinets! So much room to spread out projects! And the sewing table is just perfect in front of the window. I adore her ruffle cafe curtains and the pop of the yellow chair. *sigh* You can see which ironing board cover she chose for her sewing room here.

You simply must head over to Bonnie's blog Going Home to Roost to see more of her gorgeous home (or as she's says - roost) and also check out her Etsy shops: The Kitchen Roost, Home to Roost and Old Renewed for goodies to add to your home.

Next up is a sewing room makeover by Naz...

I love the light fixture she chose and all of the creative ways she has used things she already owns or thrifted to get organized. Her shelves are so organized! She shows close up pictures and tips on how to organize those shelves on her blog. And she reminds me...I MUST get an inspiration board on my sewing room wall!

To see the before picture you'll need to head over to Naz's blog Make it, Bake it, Create it. She also has an Etsy shop Oliver Rue where you are sure to find the perfect gift for Mom if you still need one for Mother's Day. I have my eye on this pink vintage wine stopper.

Now if only my yardwork would be done so that I could work on redoing my sewing room. In the meantime I'll gather my inspiration from these ladies and make plans to someday (soon please!) redo my sewing room as well as Country Mouse's sewing room!


  1. I just received my iron board is all I can say. Love them. I found you through "going home to roost" via the FarmChicks blog. Wondering how you find time to sew when it appears you have sew-so much going on in your life.

  2. These really are beautiful. I also love seeing other peoples work space. thanks for sharing!!

  3. its awesome! i love the white with hints of color. i just painted my sewing room white and made curtain in amy butler's bliss bouquet. i love them!


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