Sunday, April 11, 2010

Decked out!

This weekend has been fantastic! We've had sun and higher than average temperatures and I got so much accomplished! As I write this I am able to sit outside on our new deck that was finished this weekend. We enjoy the outdoors very much (both my husband and I graduated with degrees in Fisheries and Wildlife...although neither of us ended up working in that area!) and to be able to sit outside on our deck really is a dream come true. Our yard doesn't have much usable space and so we would end up sitting in our driveway with our camping chairs and the grill. I'm sure the neighbors loved that! But now we can walk right out of our living room onto the deck to grill, have a glass of wine and just hang out.

I freshened up our patio set with a coat of white paint and ordered this fabric for cushions and pillows. Hopefully I'll have another productive weekend in the future and actually get those made before the end of summer! My husband and I are headed out of town later this week to Florida to visit family and celebrate his 30th birthday, so it definitely won't get done until after that.

I'll post more pics of the new deck once I finish the patio set and new pillows. But here is a little before shot with the patio table (now painted white).

And I'll be sharing more pictures of our yard because we have big plans for it: a patio and lots of landscaping. We really need to think about where to plant things so our doggies don't tear things up while they're playing outside. They love it out here as well. They got long walks both days this weekend AND got baths today. I even cleaned the house and did laundry! And I didn't neglect our etsy shop - I added a new SALE section to make room for some new items Country Mouse and I are working on. I think I'll celebrate with a glass of wine tonight. Hope your weekend was warm and sunny!


  1. beuatiful fabric you chose. Enjoy the deck and have a glass of wine for me.

  2. Your post lifted my spirits and made me remember that feeling of being energized by beautiful weather and getting stuff done! It poured most all of the day here in Northern California. :(

    Love your fabric choice and can't wait to see more pics of the deck!


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