Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Hunting

I haven't been to an estate sale in fact the last one was at the very beginning of summer. Things have been too busy with our summer house/yard projects. So I was thrilled when I saw there was going to be a sale very close to my home. Yippee! It was only a ten minute drive! I can do this!

The pictures online showed some vintage fishing tackle so I thought just maybe my husband would like to tag along (he's big into hunting and fishing). He usually prefers I go to these sorts of things with Country Mouse. He doesn't enjoy this kind of hunting.

The morning of the sale he slept in and I didn't plan to disturb his sleep by waking him up to go to an estate sale. But he happened to get up before I left the house and decided to join me on the hunt.

As we passed the sale (there was no parking on the street in front of the house) my heart started beating faster. I asked him if he felt the same...the answer was No. We circled the block, parked and saw others walking towards the house. Now I was really getting excited, so I asked again how he felt...your heart still isn't beating any faster?? That's crazy. No you're crazy (he says).

We lined up and as soon as we entered the house I went straight to the room where I knew the table runners and doilies would be. The woman in front of me was on the same path and started picking up all of the lovely linens! Nooo!!! (I screamed in my head). She didn't look up at me or she would have seen the disappointment and terror in my face. I picked up the few remaining and went to the next room to see if perhaps there would be more. Strike, nothing! I was so upset that I had politely walked in the house. I should have been more aggressive! but that's not my style and I didn't want to embarrass my husband ~ I had to behave or he may never come with me again.

I stopped by the room with the doilies once more to see if anything else interested me. I couldn't believe my luck! The lady had left nearly everything she originally picked up! I got my table runners and doilies! Yesss!

In the end my husband did not find any treasures for himself. I think maybe it takes a few times of going to these sorts of sales to dig in and be comfortable sifting through everything to find your own special treasure, you know? But I really did appreciate the effort he made to try out my kind of hunting :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative Connection Friends

Country Mouse and I are still recovering from our time at The Creative Connection Event last week. It was an amazing experience and a wonderful place to connect with so many other creative minds. We had the opportunity to hear Mary Jane Butters and Amy Butler talk about their background and how their businesses evolved. 
We loved hearing their stories of how they got started and what they view as important creative business practices. So inspiring! I was ready to give my resignation notice at my day job when I returned on Monday...but my husband wasn't in agreement with this quite yet :) 

As part of the Handmade Market we got to meet lots of other vendor are a few of our sweet neighbors...

And we had celebrity shoppers! Heather Bailey stopped by, Vanessa and Danielle from Etsy, Mary Jane Butters and her daughter, and Kris and Kim from You Can Make This! It sounds like Nancy and Jo plan to do another one next year and we hope they decide to keep it in Minneapolis so we can be sure to join in the fun again.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Off to The Creative Connection Event!

We hope to see you at The Creative Connection Event in downtown Minneapolis! We will be a part of the Handmade Market along with over 100 other talented vendors. 
The market will be open during these times:

Wed Sept 15 6-9pm
Thurs Sept 16 11-5
Fri Sept 17 10-6
Sat Sept 18 10-5

Stop by and say hi!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Countdown to Creative Connection Event

Only a few more weeks until we are at the Creative Connection Event! We are thrilled this exciting event will be so close to home is just a fifteen minute drive away from downtown Minneapolis. Country Mouse will be staying with me and we'll be brainstorming new ideas for the shop and our sewing rooms. We both plan to give our spaces a makeover one of these days, hopefully before the end of the year. In the meantime I'm tearing out inspirations from magazines for our rooms and dreaming of the day we put our ideas into actions.

Did I tell you my new sewing machine arrived a few weeks ago? I've put her to work right away, no easing into things around here...She helped me finish 750 little envelopes with our business cards for the Creative Connection Event. And now we're starting on the stack of ironing board covers that is ready to topple over.  

We'll be sewing, sewing, sewing this last week of summer. Although I will take a break to attend a wedding and hopefully enjoy a bit of sunshine before Fall officially arrives. Hope you enjoy the remaining bit of summer!