Friday, March 30, 2012

It's a Girl!!!!!!

Country Mouse could not believe the news when I told her! Yes it's true - we are going to have a little girl join us in the sewing room! Boy or girl, the most important thing is for the baby to be healthy, so we really weren't setting our hopes on either one.  But when we found out it would be a little girl, we just couldn't believe it!

We dug out the bins of my old schoolwork, artwork, awards and Country Mouse had even saved a few of my sweaters and shoes.  It was so sweet to go through things and read about myself when I was little...Jamie's a Super Snoozer (award at preschool).... an excellent helper....always likes to help clean.  It's funny how so much has stayed the same! 

We are thinking about all of the things we can make for the new baby (and hoping we have enough time - she's due July 31!).  I picked up these floral hooks for her room on clearance at Pier One the other weekend.  We'll get started on sewing for the nursery as soon as we are finished updating the shop with all the new fabrics that have arrived - above are aprons from Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy re-released fabric. More shop updates and pictures soon :)