Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two More Sleeps!

Only two more nights (sleeps) until we have our feet in the sand in Jamaica! Warm! Sun! Here we come!!

Before departure, we treated ourselves to a special trip to the bookstore to pick up some reading material. Let's be honest - our vacations are extremely low key and revolve mostly around the beach and when are hungry or need a refill on our drink. Magazines are the perfect companion and a must-have for the 4-5 hour flight and in between naps on the beach.

While we are away the shop will be closed, but did we mention you can become a fan? We'd love it if you stopped by our new fan page while we are away. We'll be back in about a week and promise to share some fun in the sun with you :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mission Organization

2009 came and went. And here we are, it's already mid-January 2010! I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions but the organizational freak in me really comes out this time of year.

The first order of business is getting our file system ready. I made due with some really
ugly, re-used file folders last year. And every time I had to dig around in our files, I felt sick to my stomach and dreaded the paperwork I had to do for our shop. That's the biggest reason I'm scrambling to get everything in order to tax season, ugh...

This year I'm determined to stay on top of things. My first purchase for the new year: pretty office supplies...

1. Brocade Desktop File
2. Hanging Folders
3. DiVoga Floral Fauna File Folders

Would pretty office supplies help keep you organized?

We'll see at the end of 2010 if I'm still this motivated to stay on top of the paperwork! Who knew having an online shop would still require paper files?!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sew in Love

Country Mouse and I have been sewing up a storm again and we are finally ready to list more Amy Butler items in the shop! Amy's newest line of fabric - Love - is stunning to say the least. We are in awe of the gorgeous floral patterns and rich, soulful colors. How does she do it?!

Let's take a look at what's been going on in the sewing room, shall we ...

New Ironing Board Covers...Bliss Bouquet

Water Bouquet

Tumble Roses

Coordinating Scissor Sleeves

These prints and colors were inspired by Amy's trips to Indonesia and England - places we have not yet visited (someday we will get there!) but can only imagine how beautiful they are from these fabrics! We'll have these lovies listed in the shop within the next few days.

Isn't it fun to know where the inspiration for a fabric or a piece of art comes from? Do you ever purchase something because it reminds you of a place you have visited? I have some shell and starfish decor in my home because it reminds me of my wedding in Jamaica. Did I tell you that we are escaping our cold Minnesota winter and going to Jamaica in less than a month?!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Fun

We had an incredible snowfall just in time for Christmas. It was our first major storm of the season, so we took our doggies (and ourselves) out for some much needed exercise during the holidays...

How do you like the snow? I love fresh snow and the first big snowfall always feels magical! However, I've had my fill of it and now the bitter cold has set in (it was -14 degrees this morning!) and I'm ready for Spring to arrive. The cold is simply no fun anymore!

But while we're stuck inside during this awful cold spell, Country Mouse and I will be busy working in the studio creating new things for the new year. We'll be back soon to share some new fabrics and a few new designs as well.
Happy 2010! Hope you are staying warm!