Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Shopping

I must confess. I did a little shopping over the weekend. My plan was to stop by Home Depot to pick up one more round of paint colors for the bathroom. I have the shower curtain, towels and rugs already. But I have the hardest time committing to a color in that room for some reason.

Anyway, since Home Depot is very close to one of my favorite shops, it only made sense that I stop by to see what's new. And there I fell in love with him...

Isn't he perfect? He's actually a pitcher, but I figured he wouldn't mind holding some flowers as well. I found some other friends that I would like to bring home as well:

  • I would be all smiles drinking coffee from this
  • This guy is perfect for greeting me when I arrive home

So how was your weekend, did it take you off the beaten path? Did you do anything unusual?


  1. You know, maybe you should consider doing your own painting on the walls, similar to that last link in your bathroom. I think it would be a really cool thing to try. You could always just paint over it if it doesn't turn out. And since it's a small room, it wouldn't take too long.

    Aren't I just full of time consuming suggestions? Haha =)

  2. That's a great suggestion! And my brother in law would be capable of doing it, plus he is out of work right now so it would give him something to do :) I've heard of people using chalk rather than paint, something to investigate!

  3. Also, I think you must live near me. I live by a Home Depot that is very close to a Patina too. That can't be too common.


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