Monday, August 24, 2009

A Photo Shoot Kind of Weekend

I spent all weekend taking pictures for the shop! It was gorgeous outside, so I cranked open all windows as well as the stereo :) I didn't mind staying in with the sun shining and the breeze flowing through the house, it was almost like being outside. Not sure the dogs would agree with me on that, but I did squeeze in a few quick walks with them.

The house gets torn apart whenever I decide to have a photo shoot. I take out all of the product that needs to be photographed and then arrange different areas in the house with a variety of accessories and take a zillion shots. I'm always trying to improve our photos for the shop and even though I've learned a lot the past few months, I still have a long way to go. I'm sure some of you reading have expert picture-taking skills so feel free to share. I'll share a few important lessons I've learned along the way:

  1. Turn off the flash! Try to use natural light. This can be difficult living in Minnesota, especially the winter months when it's dark when you leave for the day job and when you return from the day job :(
  2. Get up close to your product and use the macro mode - it should be the flower setting on your camera.
  3. Sign up for flickr and join a group for your camera. I need to take my own advice here, I haven't joined my camera group yet. However, I know others who have had many of their questions answered through an expert on flickr. Which leads me to the next point...
  4. Get inspired! Join other groups on flickr to get inspired by the inspiring work of other talented photographers. Take notice of what grabs your attention in other's photos that you see in magazines and blogs. I'm not saying you should copy anyone else's style, that's a no-no. But I get energized and full of new ideas when I look at the fabulous work that is out there.
  5. Add some interest besides the amazing product you are photographing. Use this as a cross promotional opportunity - show another fellow etsian's product in your background. For example, I used the Buttons print I purchased from Shanon of My Fine Garden in the background of the photo above. I added the link to her item in my listing so if someone wants to know where to get it, there it is :)
  6. Edit your photos. Picnik is free and is very user friendly. You can crop, lighten, resize, add text and more to improve your photos.
  7. Practice makes perfect :) Take lots and lots of photos! Try different areas in the house, different times of day and note what looks best.
  8. And of course, HAVE FUN!!
So what are your pointers? Will you please share? I'd love to hear them :)


  1. My brain is still foggy this morning, so my pointers have escaped me. But I want to give you a big Thank You for using my Buttons print in your merchandising. It looks like it belongs so well. =)

    And I have to say, I forgot how much I love the blond wood in your room. It's so light and airy and clean looking. Love it!

  2. Thanks for all of this great info. :) I need it!


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