Thursday, August 27, 2009

We Love to Hear from You!

Really. It puts a big smile on my face when I open an email from a customer and they tell me how excited they are to do laundry and iron now that they have a fresh new ironing board cover from our shop. And I especially love it when someone sends me a picture their new ironing board cover proudly displayed in their newly redecorated laundry area. Here are a few shots from a recent customer...

So bright and cheery, isn't it? I on the other hand, do not have a glamorous laundry room. It's where the cat's little box is. Enough said. So I get giddy when I see some nice color, vinyl stickers, and of course organization in a laundry room. Don't you think those retro style vinyl stickers are just perfect? Get yours here from Tweet Heart Wall Art.


  1. What a happy laundry room! I was just looking at the black and white striped floor in Design*Sponge and thinking I wanted to do that for that room. But mine is hopeless right now too. It's in the basement. =( But once it gets redone I'll most definitely get a happy ironing board cover, just for art, since it's been years and years since I've ironed a thing. Haha

  2. Love the her laundry room and of course, LOVE the ironing board cover! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ironing board cover I got from you. I feel special when I iron!

  3. These look so cheery- I should really get around to buying one of your covers for my ironing board. I love the Fruit Basket and Antler Damask covers in your shop!

  4. wow. My laundry room looks like prison cell compared to theirs! Your board looks amazing!


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