Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Sweet Summer Surprise

My husband and I have been working so hard at the other house in the little spare time that we have to get it ready before the open house. This has made me turn into a little bit of a crabby pants the last week or so. But today that all changed! I arrived home to a sweet little unexpected package in my mailbox from my friend Whitney over at Whisker Graphics. I managed to take a few pictures before the package got ripped open from excitement!

Isn't she a sweetheart? So much fun and color in all these goodies! I couldn't help but be in a better mood. I just love surprises. Well, good surprises. Not the kind of surprises your cat leaves you when they don't feel like using the litterbox.

If you would like to brighten someone's day take a look at how she put this sweet package together over on her blog. I must order some of the Japanese masking tape that she has found so many creative uses for.

Thank you Whitney for making my day!


  1. How nice! That Whitney...she's a sweety!

  2. Jamie,
    You are so very welcome! You've been a joy to work with. I'm glad we've become webby friends. :)


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