Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Story of Two Houses

Wow! Another weekend just whipped by! Time is going by so fast. Too fast. This weekend Country Mouse came to the city to help me get my old house ready to be put on the market. As I write this I am actually feeling somewhat emotional about it. This weekend we worked so hard painting, cleaning, and planning I didn't have time to think about it but now my emotions are catching up to me. See this was my very first house all by myself. I lived there with my first dog and first cat by myself. I painted every room in that house.

It's been almost two years that my husband and I bought a house together thinking we would be able to sell my first house. Well, two years later and two sets of renters later we still have not been able to sell it. The thing that is hard for me is that I see the house that I fell in love with: hardwood floors, the coziness of a small house, sunshine gleaming through the windows. And it's difficult when I see that others have not loved it the way I have. But we gave it some love this weekend and I think it's feeling better...

Alright, I am through being emotional. For the moment! We did manage a trip to Ikea (oh and the fabric store, but sshhh don't tell my husband) and I found the most lovely painting! Here is is waiting for it's home on the wall:

I also ordered this chair from Target online. I had been looking for something like this and I thought the price was pretty reasonable and you can't beat free shipping plus an employee discount (thanks to my husband!). I figure I'll be able to use both in our new house. I thought my husband would not totally be opposed to the painting, but the first thing he said was that he didn't want it in the man room (our lower level living room). That's ok. I think I want to get our spare room set up exactly how I want it for our crafty business. I feel a little disorganized with pretty much all of my sewing room furniture going over to the extra house for staging. And I saw some furniture I would really love to have for my sewing room at Ikea this weekend. Maybe someday it can be mine.

We did have some excitement with the shop this weekend. Crafty Planet (the most wonderful fabric store!) included us as their Customer Spotlight in their newsletter. And our ironing board cover was part of Etsy's Finds: Crafting A Cozy Studio.
We are so thrilled!

Thanks for listening to my emotional ranting. I do feel better. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Back to the day job tomorrow!


  1. Oooh! I can so relate. I know that we'll eventually outgrow this house, because if we ever have more than one kid we'll be toast here, but even though that's not even an issue yet I'm already worried about leaving. When I work out in the yard I think that someday I might leave and I wonder if someone else would care about my flowers like I do? I wonder if they'll get rid of all the original things that made us fall in love with the place.
    I'm such a baby! haha We aren't going anywhere, anytime soon, but I think about it! So, what I'm saying is, that I totally get what you are saying about your first place...

  2. Wow, you got some big changes going on in your life! That painting is awesome! We moved out of our first house 2 years ago and we still drive by it sometimes just for kicks. I bet you will sell it to someone who love it just as much as you. It looks very nice too! Congrats on the etsy attention. Thats awesome. I read the storque article and was happy to see you in there. I love seeing people I know in those.

  3. aww... That's such a wonderful house from what I see. I can feel your love for this home through my computer.

    P.S. the chair you bought online from Target is AWESOME. i can already imagine it in your house.

  4. Don't worry, hon. Your cozy little house will someday have a wonderful someone to care for her. It was fun painting her with you this weekend and I'm so happy I also got my Ikea fix!

  5. You did a great job staging the house. Another talent we share is decorating or redecorating. You can come to my garden and get some starter perennial plants. Let me know when you need them. Fall and spring are the best times for transplanting. I would love to help you get started on your yard. It is so fun gardening but it takes time away from the designing and sewing. Good luck with the house!


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