Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Love Owls

Owls seem to be popping up everywhere I look. I adore this little guy that Holly over at decor8 has in her photos from time to time. And with my recent purchase of this guy, I think perhaps I need a little friend for him. Here are a few of my favorites I found on Etsy...

Owl candlesticks or vases from laurawallstaylor
Wouldn't these be fun little friends to have on your desk?

Forest Owl spoon rest by fruitflypie
I think he would do a fabulous job of holding a few pieces of my jewelry.

Sleepy Owl in Mellow Yellow by pouch is filled with lavender.
He would bring some much needed aromatherapy to me at bedtime. Which is where I am off to now...


  1. Oh my! I'm head over heels in love with that owl bud vase. I'm trying to curb my spending until after my vacation later this month, but I won't be able to stop thinking about him!!! Grr! Haha!

    Thank you for this GREAT find. =)

  2. Hoot! Hoot! You've rounded up the cutest owls!


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