Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sadie's Etsy Finds

I told the fur babies about this blog and they begged me to let them have their own. I explained to them that their dad would be really upset if all of his girls were on the computer all of the time. And there just aren't enough computers for all of us to share. So we came up with a compromise: Etsy finds. Each fur babe will put together a Etsy finds post. They are satisfied with that. For now. Sadie gets to go first.

Sadie heard about Country Mouse's morning the other week. So she thought this would be the perfect thing for the cat. Maybe then she would leave the birds alone.

three de'cat'pitated heads are better than one toy set by spellwell

And since she doesn't get to snuggle in
bed unless she has recently had a bath, she wants me to order some of this...

Herbal Dog Shampoo Bar by Good Clean Dog

She felt quite bad about head-butting me in the face the other day while I was petting her sister, Cricket, so she said I should get some goodies for myself. I didn't end up with a black eye like my husband did when she head-butted him.
Even so, I would like a sweet treat. Something from Whimsy and Spice. I've heard such wonderful things about their goodies and I've been meaning to try them one of these days. Do you have a favorite food store on Etsy?

Rose and Black Pepper Thumbprints by Whimsy and Spice

Sadie hopes you enjoy her finds. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the cookies arrive in time for the weekend, but I should have planned a little farther ahead. Do you have big plans for the long weekend? Country Mouse and I are getting together for a sewing marathon. I'm still planning out the details, but it will include lots of sewing, good food, and maybe even a small home project. We'll see what we have time for.

images by: spellwell, Good Clean Dog, Whimsy and Spice


  1. Now my dogs are barking for a blog too! Unbelievable! They are totally digging those decapitated heads - nice finds Sadie!

  2. Sadie made some lovely selections! Have a great weekend with Country Mouse and I'll keep my fingers crossed that the cookies arrive before the sewing marathon.

  3. I need that dog shampoo! What a grea find, thanks!


  4. How lovely of you to include my dog shampoo! thanks so much! And Whimsy & Spice is one of my all time favorites.

  5. I hope you have a great time this weekend! =) I think we are heading out of town, but I always worry that all my flowers will die if they don't get constant attention. ; )

  6. haha! awesome the heads. thank you for sharing! xoxo

  7. Such a cute idea to have your pets post their "finds." I love the decapitated heads, so funny.


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