Sunday, May 31, 2009

Before & After Front Steps

The husband and I decided to tackle a home improvement project this weekend: giving our front steps a makeover. Our steps were painted grey and it just never looked right to us. We decided to try black and are very happy with the results.

Check out the before...

Yucky, dirty grey steps...goodbye!

And after - classic black.

The finishing touch - a Smith & Hawken doormat - thank you Target!

I still think we need to put something on the ledges. I suggested lion statues, but the husband doesn't agree. Any ideas for us? In the meantime I need to tend to my first sunburn of the season. One of those that just seemed to come out of nowhere. Ouch! Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. LOVE the make-over! Black and white always looks so crisp and finished. What if you moved your two pots up to your ledges? -OR- What if you bought some urns (like Ballard Designs Grecian Urns) and planted your green plants in those and moved your current pots up to the ledges and planted them with annual color?

    Great job!!

  2. I think some lovely redwood planter boxes would look splendid on the ledges. Filled with something beautiful of course.

  3. P.S. I think you made the right decision with the black - much improved.

  4. The black looks great! I think some flowers boxes would look great. Maybe some bright pinks and reds to contrast with the black.


  5. What a difference one pot of paint ( and a lot of hard work ) makes ! It looks very nice as it is now , but planters with something green and glossy , like ivy maybe , would be a lovely addition .

  6. I love your suggestions! I will be on the lookout for the right type of planter for these awkward ledges. Definitely needs something like ivy hanging down in with something else with some color. Yes, that would be pretty! Thanks for the help!

  7. Very lovely! I think a couple of urns filled with petit gardenia plants would look lovely AND make your porch smell great! Nice work :)

  8. I LOVE the black. LOVE it. =) I'll have to give your ledge some thought... I do like the idea of bigger urns with topiaries where your current pots are for sure.

    I know, I think a row of pots with red geraniums and white wave petunias cascading over the edges would be gorgeous with your black. =)

    P.S. If you ever need help pick things out to plant, I'll definitely come help. ; )

  9. What a beautiful change! Lovely outcome :)

  10. I love the black looks so clean and chic! Heehee....i love the idea of lions too. But I think larger flower pots would look pretty darn great. I'd love to see some pretty colors here....shanon's idea is great....something bold would look really amazing with the black!

  11. Do you still like your black steps? That's the color I'm thinking of painting ours. It would help to hide the yuck that builds up on the risers over the long wet months, but doesn't it show every speck of dust and mud?

    I wonder what you decided for the ledges? I would've put somewhat larger pots with bigger plants, but not to rise above the ledges, in the same place as the pots are in the picture, and left the ledges clean, for strutting their stuff and for sitting!

  12. I'm very happy with the black, they do show a little bit of dirt, mostly muddy paw prints from our two dogs :)but not too bad. They clean up nice after a rain or a spray them off with the hose.

    I have not gotten any new planters yet, but I might have to check the clearance this time of year :)


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