Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Photo Shoot

The lovely Shanon from My Fine Garden came over last week for a little photo shoot. I have been drooling over her prints for quite some time and finally purchased the Buttons print, the perfect piece for a sewing room, don't you think? I also downloaded the free wallpaper for my laptop from Kindred because I am so fond of it. You simply must check out her Etsy shop to see all of her other lovlies. Her prints show details of the simple things in life we may pass over each day. When I see them it reminds me to stop and admire the beauty that surrounds us in the everyday, fast-paced lifestyle we live in.

The photo shoot was for our post on Etsy's blog the Storque! If you have not read the Storque, make sure to add it to your reading list. They have excellent posts on how-to's, interviews with shop owners, and a wealth of other informative articles and videos as well. Please click on over and you will read about another exciting project that we just finished working on! I will tell you more very soon...

p.s. A big THANK YOU! to Shanon for working her magic with us!

all images by Shanon of SLGdesigns


  1. Look at us! Don't we just look like the most serious seamstresses? Ha,ha! The photo shoot with Shannon was alot of fun!

  2. That's so cool! I saw y'all on the front page of Etsy. Congratulations!!

  3. The storque article was great. So glad it led me to discover your inspiring shop. I'm really wanting a new ironing board cover. What a great idea with incredible fabrics.

  4. That is really cool!! I enjoyed the storque article very much! Congratz! So happy to be in the same blogging course! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you and yours!

  5. It was so great to meet you and I think your Storque is wonderful! So happy for you!

  6. Great Storque article. Thanks so much for the mention. :) I blogged about you guys too.


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