Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Day at the Exhibit

Last weekend Country Mouse and I attended the Apron Chronicles exhibit at Ironworld in Chisolm, Minnesota. We carved out some time from our busy marathon sewing weekend to learn about the historical perspective of one of our favorite items: the apron.

The exhibit features 200 vintage aprons and the stories and history behind them and the women (and men) who wore them. The stories and photos give life to aprons that surround you in the exhibit. Viewing the aprons and their history was fascinating and inspired us to think about the aprons we create and the people who will wear them. We love hearing stories from our customers such as a special baking tradition that they will wear their apron for or the special person they are giving the apron to.

Unfortunately we can't share any photos of the vintage aprons which are in the traveling exhibit. I started snapping away at the entrance of the exhibit and security was on me immediately. I honestly did not know we were not allowed to take pictures. Note to self: ask before pulling out the camera. I was told, however, that I could take photos of the vintage aprons which were brought in for display by the Ironwold employees.

You can see more about EllynAnne Geisel - the woman behind the aprons and when the exhibit will be near your area here. It's a fun outing to do with a girlfriend or your mom or grandma.

Country Mouse was very excited!

And so was I!

One of the many things I learned so far from Holly in the decor8 blogging course: it is best to ask before snapping away. If only that topic had taken place before our trip to the exhibit! Another lesson I have learned from the course is to take time out of your busy schedule each week and do something to explore your passions and creative side. It is so easy to lose yourself in the rat race of life, so dedicate some time even if it is only once a week to try something new (a craft, a class, yoga, anything!) and you will see improvement in your well-being.

What will you do for your once a week break from the rat race?


  1. Thank you for sharing such a fun day with me!

  2. Hi! I'm not only Jamie too, but I'm in the decor8 class AND I have a Mom who is a phenomenal quilter/seamstress/all things threader. Unfortunately, you have inherited some talent, whereas I've only reaped the rewards while giving nothing back in return.

    I'm looking forward to stalking you and your mom :)

  3. Hi Jamie! Found you from the e-course. Great site! I'll have to add you to my reader for sure!

  4. Hi! I found you through the decor8 course (I see I'm not the only one :)). I used to sneak around and take photos of shop displays, but only for inspiration and because I was too shy and scared to ask the proprietor. Now I will follow Holly's approach--- no more photo-taking on the sly!

  5. That looks amazing, I LOVE aprons. How cool that you and your mom have a business together. I also found you though our class :)

  6. What an interesting exhibit! Love these!

  7. we are also on the course and like your blog very much. in fact we are in your group - we are having a good look at everyone in our group today!! we think you must be very patient to have a business with your mum!!!
    sarah and jo
    ps we are still having difficulty posting our comments in our page - jo's disappeared earlier in the week, we are going to try again now!


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