Monday, April 20, 2009

Creative Ways to be Green

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to list a few creative ideas for being green.

1. Repurpose. I love seeing items get a new life by being transformed into something different than what they were in their first life.

2. BYOB. Bring your own bags to the store. There is no reason not to use your own bags when you go shopping. Keep them in the trunk of your car or your back seat and you'll always have them available when you make a quick stop at the store.

3. Investigate some natural laundry and cleaning supplies. There are ways to make your own (just ask grandma). Or check out the many options available from Etsy sellers.

4. Hug a tree. Or plant one.


  1. hey Jaimie
    I am in your team on the blog course and I can't get my comments on, it keeps telling me there is an error, anyway i wanted to say hi and look forward to 'meeting' you later this week. i will keep trying to comment in our section i like your blog alot, i had already found it at the begining of the course.
    speak soon

  2. I'm headed for the basement to find an old suitcase. I'm thinking I should decoupage the legs with fabric. I'll send a photo if and when it happens.

  3. Hi Jamie! I'm really late to the game with this homework, I had a crazy week and just got back from a trip. I love your blog and thanks for the great eco friendly Etsy tips. I love Etsy and find it so hard to search for great items since it is so large so I love getting great suggestions! I went ahead and bought the Julie Meyer snack sets - they are perfect for my daughters lunch boxes. Thanks!

  4. I love the items in Julie's shop, so glad I could show you something you like! I too am trying to catch up on comments in the blog class.


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