Monday, May 30, 2011

Featured in Fresh Style Magazine!

Are you enjoying the long weekend? I am and I don't want it to end! My husband was away on his annual fishing trip to the BWCA with his friends so I spent time with my magazines and craft supplies which have felt a bit neglected lately :) 

One of the magazines is Fresh Style and Country Mouse & I are thrilled to be featured! I spent lots of time on the phone with Country Mouse this weekend describing everything in the magazine, because she has been at the lake up North and hasn't been to the city to pick up her copy yet (she is very jealous!).

I love the layout and styling of the magazine, there are lots of diy projects and creative spaces to get you inspired. In fact two of our favorite fabric designers are featured: Amy Butler and Heather Bailey! There are lots of other talented artists and bloggers featured as well including Ashley Ann Campbell.

I was at Barnes & Nobel this weekend and wanted to show everyone in the magazine aisle our feature but restrained myself. So I know they carry it, but you can also order yours online here. Definitely pick one up for some easy diy projects and reading on decorating & creating! 

A special thank you to Karen who contacted us about this feature, she is a total sweetheart and joy to work with! And also to our talented friend Shanon who took the photo of Country Mouse & I; her buttons photo is next to our ironing board in the picture.


  1. I'm headed to Barnes & Nobel tomorrow to get my copy!

  2. Yay! Congratulations!
    And you and your mom look so cute in that photo. It was an honor to take it. =)

  3. I have loved every minute reading this magazine!! So excited for you and your lovely feature!!

  4. Congratulations! This is soooo exciting! Just bought my copy via your link and am looking forward to reading about my famous, talented friends!

    BTW, still ironing every day as I sew my aprons and still IN LOVE with my covers from your shop!

    With a smile,

  5. I loved your feature in it...and I am totally with you on wanting to walk around the store and point out the magazine. Maybe we crash a store together one day!

  6. Hi! Just found you in Freshstyle magazine! Congrats on being featured! I am your newest follower!:)

  7. I saw the magazine at Borders today, it is such a fun and fresh magazine! Congrats on being featured!

  8. Yea! Congratulations! You guys are stars!
    ~ Whitney

  9. I enjoyed your work featured in Fresh Style magazine!

  10. I saw Fresh Style magazine in my local newsagent (I live in Brisbane - Australia) and I liked the look of it. It's more boutique (tasteful) craft rather than some of the other magazines on the shelf. Unfortunately the magazine costs $20 here so I put it back, but not before snapping the page you were on with my iphone so I could find your blog. Glad I did.


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