Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping Style

It's going to be a traditional Up-North sort of Thanksgiving. My family will be gathering at my uncle's house on the farm. My responsibility is to bring the wine and pies, I'm thankful for that. We are so stinking busy prepping for the No Coast show next weekend, I would be a mess if we were hosting a dinner!

I don't have a long list of people to get gifts for. I've already ordered a few items as well as supplies to make some of them. I put a lot of effort into figuring out just what I want to get for my special people and pets. Although gift cards are nice (this is my husband's preferred gift method) I try to get something that I put a bit more thought into.

I tend to do most of my shopping online. Actually I'm in love with shopping online. It's slightly addicting. I can sit in my pjs with a cup of coffee and browse thousands of potential gift items. I have no patience to fight the crowds or stand in line for a Black Friday deal. Who wants to get up at 3am after Thanksgiving?

And it has a little bit to do with my husband working in retail. It's always hard for him to travel for Thanksgiving because he has to be at the store so early on Friday. And it seems like every year it gets earlier and earlier, pretty soon we'll skip the meal and be eating in the store parking lot! Well, maybe not that crazy but you can understand where I'm coming from right?

So this holiday season, I will think about the people I exchange gifts with and the type of retailers I support. What about you, what's your shopping style? Do you rush out and get some of those crazy deals on Friday? Do you make some of your gifts?

Oh and the pic above is a little Christmas card project I'm starting. More on that later...Hope you have a nice long weekend!


  1. i usually browse online before going into the store to purchase. something about seeing it in person before i spend, plus i love checking out all the holiday store fronts! can't wait to see more of your christmas card project!!

  2. Jamie,
    I LOVE your cards and photo! Nice job!

  3. I feel for your husband's schedule. I'll be at work super early Friday as well, so we'll be in town for the holiday. I know what you mean about shopping online. It's my main source for gifts. Between Amazon and Etsy I can get almost everyone done. Except of course for those few people who require things from specific stores that don't sell online. I think since I work in a mall, even if it's only a few hours every day or so, I avoid it for shopping if I can. Thinking about shopping in the mall actually makes me slighting irritable. haha!

    Have a great Thanksgiving with your family! And oh, I have to tell you, I totally chuckled at the "wine and pies." I mean, those are the only two things you really need! =)

  4. I love online shopping for gifts but try to buy as much local as possible too. I just hate crowds so online can be so nice!

    looks like we will be switching locations. I'm heading down to the cities for Thanksgiving :)

  5. I buy almost exclusively online. Actually, almost exclusively from etsy. I hate fighting crowds and I love supporting small businesses. I try to wrap it all up by Thanksgiving so I can relax and focus on the fun parts of Christmas.

    I also make a lot of things. I go to Crafty Planet for most of my fabric, yarn and books, again because I love small businesses.


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