Friday, November 20, 2009

Cleaning with Cocktails

Hi, this is Country Mouse! I know, I know, you never hear from me, right? Well, I’m a bit shy and also very busy getting ready for our first appearance at No Coast Craft-o-rama which is coming up December 4th & 5th in Minneapolis.

I just had to peek out of my little mouse nest to let you know about a fantastic cleaning product that I came across recently at the DIY Network, check out the video here. You’re not going to believe it, but it’s Vodka! Yes, it’s true. Vodka for cleaning! Cheap Vodka. Not Grey Goose Vodka, but the cheap stuff. Well, you could use your Grey Goose, but that would get spendy.

I also recently saw Kirstie Alley talking about using vodka for cleaning last week on Oprah! It’s amazing, eco-friendly, and cheaper than buying all of those cleaning products that are so hazardous to the environment. Plus, you can take a sip while you’re cleaning and cleaning will be FUN! Well, gotta run…..happy cleaning and have a fun-filled weekend!

(image Pottery Barn)


  1. Nice! So you can drink martini's and clean at the same time :)

  2. no way! So interesting!

  3. Good luck with the upcoming craft show. The Festival of Trees is one you should keep in mind. It was an amazing sale. I sold more then half my items. Have a great holiday.


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