Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feature on Young House Love

Remember our table and chair makeover we posted awhile back? Sherry and John from Young House Love featured it on their Reader Redesign series! We were thrilled to see it up on their blog where we always find so much inspiration. Check it out over here.

In the comments, there were some questions about oilcloth, like what is it, where to get your hands on it, and what else can you do with it? So we'll do our best to answer:

  1. What the heck is oilcloth? It's similar to a vinyl tablecloth that you can buy at the store. Here is wikipedia's version of oilcloth.
  2. Where can I get it? You can sometimes get it at your local fabric store and of course online. We just came across this shop on Etsy that is dedicated to selling oilcloth, check out Oilcloth Addict.
  3. And for what to do with it, let's just say the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! But if you need some helpful ideas, one reader found an awesome site that is all about oilcloth - Oilcloth International and they have a blog featuring fun projects made with it.
Hopefully you enjoyed our short course on oilcloth :) Do you have any ideas on what you would make with it? Please share!

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  1. Oh what a good day to find your blog. I have to visit your etsy shop!!! I will go in there and "heart" your shop. I love the fabrics you're using, and the table/chair is adorable.

    Great Job!
    Yoli Kalkofen


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