Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Creative Connection Event

Country Mouse and I attended The Creative Connection Event this past weekend where we were surrounded by like-minded creative types.  It was an unforgettable few days! We finally met many of our online friends and had lots of previous customers stop by our booth to tell us what joy their ironing board cover brings them.  We love seeing those happy smiles! 

Above is one of our treasured pics with Tif (Dottie Angel) who we were truly giddy to meet! She has the most lovely book out right now, we highly recommend you pick up a copy.  Country Mouse and I normally share a book, but this was one we knew we must each have our very own copy. 

A picture of our booth, this was before I figured out I needed to use a bit of flash in this lighting environment so I apologize for the yellow tint.

I took an Inspiration Board class with Leslie from A Creative Mint.  For one of the boards she challenged us to use a color we do not care for.  
My color was red, I don't think I own anything red...

The rest of our pictures are of booths of the following vendors who are all as sweet as pie:

We cross our fingers that they decide to keep the event in the Twin Cities area again, although it would be fun to travel somewhere else wouldn't it?  Country Mouse and I would have a hard time leaving our fur babies though...
We do hope that you get the chance to be around like-minded crafty people for an entire weekend, if that's the kind of people you enjoy, it's a real treat! 


  1. Sounds like a fantastic event ~ you're lucky to have participated again! I can relate to your past customers telling you they love their ironing board covers ~ I adore mine!


  2. I love your darling wares! I purchased two of your little birdie pattern weights at the marketplace at the Creative Connection! You have a delightful style! I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog and Etsy site. Thanks for all the wonderful photos you took! peace, Amy

  3. Oh, I'm so bummed I missed this great conference this year --and missed seeing you two lovely ladies. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I hope you both are well!


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