Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bird Watchers

Yep, that's us. My husband and I set up two bird feeders the other weekend and we can't stop watching the birds. I'll be making dinner and he'll say, whoa - what's that? And I have to stop what I'm doing, walk over and then we try to identify the bird. We both have a degree in Wildlife Biology and had to take Ornithology, which was one of my most favorite courses - lots of walking outside looking and listening for birds.

We cleaned out our storage area under the stairs this past weekend and one of the boxes contained my binders from college. I ended up recycling a lot of papers (I'm never going to need to go back to Finite Math or Short Calculus, at least I hope not!) but I kept my bird notes out and am going to refresh my memory. It's become a competition in our house, who can identify the bird first and I don't like to lose.

Above is a picture of us on my husband's birthday a few weeks ago. See the bird feeder in the background? I thought it went with this post and one of my goals this year is to take more pictures of my friends and family. I have no problem taking tons of photos of the furry ones or the sewing room but I totally neglect taking photos of people. Don't worry, I'm not going to post a bunch of photos of my husband and I here, but I just wanted to document his 31st birthday with the one picture of us I took that day. He's not into posing for pictures, but that's one of the things I have to get better at - just pulling out the camera and snapping one whether he wants his picture taken or not, someday he'll thank me right?

And isn't this one of the most stylish bird feeders? It's by Studio Liscious in case you are looking to feed your birdies this Spring :)

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