Monday, March 14, 2011

Doilie Placemats for the Sewing Table

I was having a little problem with my new sewing table...when I would be serging or sewing fast (that's the speed I like to go!) the machine would start shifting due to the vibrations. It made me little nervous that if I was not paying attention one of the machines could make it too close to the edge of the table and fall off, not to mention it was slightly annoying to have to reposition the machine constantly. 

I had picked up these doily placemats awhile ago at a local shop and used them as part of our craft show display.  I found they are the perfect size to slip under the my machines and they prevent them from shifting while I'm at high sewing speed! And they are pretty too, yippee! I love the bright pop of color! They are still available in a few different colors at Urban Outfitters.

Do you see a bit of red in the background? That's a new chair I found on Craigslist and I can't wait to recover it, I just need to decide on a fabric to use! Country Mouse will help me come up with a slip cover design. It will be a before & after project that we'll share with you eventually.


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