Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weekend Trip to Ikea

Last weekend my husband offered to come with me to ikea to get the cutting table for my sewing room. He actually has a good eye for furniture and display (must be all those years in retail!). He ended up changing my mind about this table I originally planned on getting.  We decided it was a bit too large, too much wood, and expensive. Instead we took home this beauty and I couldn't be happier. I'm sure my husband was happier as well and it may have had something to do with the fact that this one took a fraction of the time that the other would have taken to put together. 

I did give up having storage space, but I am thinking of getting one of these to put underneath to hold my packing supplies (tissue paper, envelopes, etc.). We'll see. As I use the space I start to figure out what my needs/wants are. 

Country Mouse gave me this beautiful vase for Christmas and I think it's perfect for holding my wrapping paper. Makes me want to fill it up with more pretty paper!

Not only did my husband come with to ikea, but he even helped me stuff patterns! This job is best done assembly line style, so I was happy to have the help. He threatened to go on strike if I took his picture but I had to take one.

I sure wish the doggies would offer some help, but they always do their job of looking cute and cozy, don't they? 

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  1. Do you find that the table is high enough? I was hoping to get something from Ikea but can't find the right height.


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