Thursday, February 11, 2010


We're back from Jamaica! Words really can't describe how wonderful and relaxing our vacation was. This was our second time visiting Jamaica (the first time was for my wedding two years ago). I hope so much that we will be able to return to this special place again.

The only decisions to be made were "pool or beach" "read or nap" "buffet or restaurant" A full week of only thinking about where to lounge and where to eat allows the stress to evaporate and relaxation to kick in.

Breakfast began each morning with Blue Mountain coffee and fresh fruit. 
And sometimes we had a "rumuccino" - a cappuccino with rum cream! 
Now that's how every day should begin, don't you agree?


or Beach??

Grilled Snapper for lunch. We usually ate around noon. Then my husband would eat again just a few hours later - this became known as "2nd lunch." 
The food and drink presentation were amazing. 

And the sunsets...breathtaking. The sun melts into the ocean.

While we were in Jamaica we kept thinking it was summer back home in Minnesota. We knew that wasn't possible, but it is so hard to imagine that it could be cold and snowy somewhere else in the world when you are in a warm tropical environment. 

But it really is cold and snowy in Minnesota. In fact I've had to shovel twice so far this week! Back to reality!


  1. sounds like you had an amazing time! i am headed to jamaica this nov. for a wedding. i will have to get in touch with you before i go for your favorite spots!

  2. Jamie,
    It looks like bliss and sounds like you had a wonderful time! I could totally go for a week of warm sunny weather, white sand beaches, clear blue water and somebody else feeding me. What is this thing called a nap that you refer to? I vaguely remember something like it from childhood. :)

  3. Where did you stay?? Looks beautiful! My hubby is from Minne-snow-ta.....White Bear Lake :)

  4. It was the most relaxing vacation ever, wasn't it? Makes me want to brew up a "rumuccino" right now! But, I must get back to the sewing studio, for now......

  5. We stayed at Sunset at the Palms in Negril a small (about 60 rooms) all-inclusive. We didn't venture outside the resort this time as much as last, but be sure to contact me if you have any questions. I love talking about Jamaica!

  6. I am almost crying reading this, just hacking and sneezing away with the heat turned up, looking out on the grey landscape. What an intelligent thing to do....Jamaica. I'll make a note to myself.

  7. Is that a platter full of avocado? I think I'd take the whole thing to my lounge chair! Wow those sunsets are gorgeous. And the 2nd lunch sounds perfect. (I basically have 2nd dinners at night anyhow. haha)

  8. wow, the pictures are amazing!

  9. BEACH, BEACH, the beach of course.. just checking you out from the Bright side project blog. cute blog..



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