Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Fun

We had an incredible snowfall just in time for Christmas. It was our first major storm of the season, so we took our doggies (and ourselves) out for some much needed exercise during the holidays...

How do you like the snow? I love fresh snow and the first big snowfall always feels magical! However, I've had my fill of it and now the bitter cold has set in (it was -14 degrees this morning!) and I'm ready for Spring to arrive. The cold is simply no fun anymore!

But while we're stuck inside during this awful cold spell, Country Mouse and I will be busy working in the studio creating new things for the new year. We'll be back soon to share some new fabrics and a few new designs as well.
Happy 2010! Hope you are staying warm!


  1. Oh. So. Pretty!
    But I'm with you on being ready for Spring. Bring it on!


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