Monday, February 21, 2011

Romantic Homes Magazine!

We heard from a customer that she found us through the March issue of Romantic Homes magazine, we couldn't wait to pick one up to see with our own eyes that it is was really true! Here it is, page 12! The article is about creative bloggers and features Rachel from Lovely Clusters, we are a part of her online gallery. I would also like to let you know that the beautiful buttons photo in the picture is by Shanon of My Fine Garden, perfect for the sewing-crafty workspace. 

I've been staring at the page we are on in disbelief and need to look through the rest of the magazine, but I can tell you it is lovely because this issue is all about color and after the 12 or so inches of snow that just fell, I need to see some color!

 In other news, Country Mouse had her second surgery to repair damage done by her rheumatoid arthritis. First one was to her left wrist and this time was on her right. She's feeling better and is getting quite bored not being able to sew.  
However, she took this as an opportunity to organize her workspace and found a pair of old electric scissors, which have proved to be quite useful as she is unable to open anything herself! She usually has a line up of items on the kitchen counter waiting for her husband to help with when he returns from work each night. 
Speaking of color, how do you like her bright pink cast? It will come off in about 3 more weeks and then we'll be busy getting ready for Craftstravaganza. And hopefully the snow will be gone by then!


  1. Beautiful article... your stuff fits right in!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the shout out! =) And congrats on the magazine inclusion!!!

    Love your mom's cast, if a cast can be "loved." Hahaha

    Can you believe this snow? What's the deal??? Awwwh, well, gives me another excuse to stay inside. And at this point, pregnancy-wise, I can barely move the way it is. No one warned me about the awful hip pain. Yikes!


  3. Congratulations!! How exciting!

    Wishing Country Mouse a speedy recovering. A cast can make you realize (and appreciate) just how many times you use one small part of your body. Yea for electric scissors!


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