Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lovely Clusters - An Online Gallery

I was introduced to a lovely new gallery the other day by Vicki of Simply Hue. The new gallery is appropriately named "Lovely Clusters" and features artists and designers with dreamy type products. It truly is lovely!!

The gallery is designed by Rachel of
Design Lovely and her assistant Vicki who did an amazing job of putting together a wonderful collection of beautiful items (ours included!) . The fun part is you can shop by color cluster (genius!) or by product.

Here is an example when you click on Pink:

If you are interested in having your shop showcased in the gallery, contact information is here.

And a huge thank you to Vicki for introducing us to this gallery as well as featuring our shop as part of her Spotlight on Designers this week! Click on over and see all of the talented artists and designers on Simply Hue as part of the series (and for specials and a giveaway opportunity!). Thank you so much for supporting the artists and designers of small shops!


  1. That's really a very nice site. Thanks for the link. Anna

  2. Thanks for this nice post, Jaimee. :)


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